TaeJa’s Gas First TvP Aggression (Part 2)


Taeja’s gas first TvP aggression build is so successful and celebrated that the build has been well studied and countered by Protoss.  Despite this, Taeja continues to mix this unique build in his games, but with a twist.

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ACL Sydney 2014


IEM and Dreamhack may have captured the attention of most Starcraft enthusiasts in the world, ACL is actually happening in Sydney for WCS Oceania qualifier. Since I live in Sydney, I was there today.

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Playing against Roach timing


Given the rise of various Hellbat timings, Roaches have been seen as a direct answer. Interestingly, this also leads to Terran struggling with the Roach timing. This post is to share my approach to it.

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My go-to TvP build


This is my go-to TvP build, which is basically what Flash has been using for quite sometime. A good standard macro build for every level.

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15 gas opening reaction against Banshee in TvT


15 gas opening is the oldest and arguably the most common opening in TvT. I have been trying to find the best way to react against Banshee opening, and here it is.

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Thoughts on the plausible upcoming Terran buff


David Kim made a post on 1 July 2014 and showed intention to buff Terran, which had been suggested to be underpowered by the community. There have been some spirited discussions about the suggested changes, and I will share my thoughts on it.

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TerranCraft Now on Facebook


TerranCraft is now on Facebook.

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Attribution in Starcraft


Recently, I’ve lost interest in Hearthstone. Partly because I finally have access to Starcraft again, but mainly it’s because the game is not enjoyable anymore. This leads me to evaluate my own thinking (meta-cognition), and my train of thoughts moves to Starcraft. This is about seeing Starcraft from a different perspective through attribution.

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Current TvZ Metagame and Hellbat


The newest patch revolutionalised the TvZ metagame. Well, at least the early to mid game. Despite the patch is still new, there are enough pro-level games for us to have an overview of how the new patch affects the match up.

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Old School RTS days and My Newbie Moments


A friend just picked up Starcraft last month and was talking to me about the campaign. Remind me of my newbie days when I just picked up my copy of Wings of Liberty in 2010. This post is about my old days of RTS and my newbie moments in the early Starcraft II days.

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