MMA’s Defensive TvP Opening


MMA’s TvP build against MC in the recent WCS Europe Final is really interesting. It is not completely out of the box, but it is well thought out for the current metagame.

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EJK Tutorial series


EJK, who is a GM Terran, made topic specific tutorial videos.

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Value of Casters


At the beginning of this month, Root published a caster ranking rated by progamers. It was considered a pretty controversial ranking. Now that I have the time, I want to write about the casters.

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Widow Mine in New Patch TvP


The new patch of hope for TvP has just kicked in. Perhaps the most unexplored changes of the patch is the Widow Mine buff. I will discuss about its implication.

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University of Sydney Starcraft Society


Just a short quick post. Back to University. Joined the Starcraft society (sort of).

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Polt vs. Blink Stalkers


IEM Cologne was packed with great games. Polt’s performance was astonishing, and really showed his intelligence. Specifically, his tactical reaction to the literally most hated TvP build blink Stalkers build has the potential to shake the metagame.

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Review on the Last Three Proposed Balance Patch

balance banner

Blizzard has been exceptionally active in proposing changes in the next balance patch. This is a clear sign that Blizzard acknowledges that the current state of the game has to be changed through patches. I will review this proposed changes collectively.

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Upgrade Trend in TvP


There is prominent trend that Terran favor upgrade in their macro oriented builds for TvP. 6/7 of the TvP match ups that use a Reaper opening (any variation) opt for early upgrade (except Flash vs. Sora). This is no coincidence.

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PartinG’s Build Against Flash


PartinG’s build against Flash yesterday on Proleague was crazily good. I cannot give analysis of the same depth as what I usually do with Terran builds, but I will try to share why PartinG’s build is good from a Terran perspective.

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Slow Metagame Shift in TvZ


There has been a slow shift in metagame for the TvZ match up. Perhaps, a more accurate way to express it is that Terran is trying to break the current metagame.

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