TvP Midgame Game Plan (Part 1)


This is the first of a two-part article on the midgame game plan in TvP. I mainly cover the general thinking and game plan, so other aspects will be left out for parsimony reasons.

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3 year anniversary


TerranCraft is three years old!

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Centring the Town Hall

Command Centre

I didn’t have the habit to centre my Command Centre to the middle of the screen, but I think there are benefits in doing so. This is something I will add to my game play, and you should too.

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TvZ 3CC Defensive Banshee


I’m very busy with study and work, so I haven’t been blogging. Anyway, the build I’m discussing in this post allows Terran to take an early third with Banshee. It is the best macro build now in my opinion.

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Basic TvP scouting and key timing


You guys voted for this post on Facebook. This post covers the basic scouting and key timing in TvP.

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