TvP: Widow Mine drop standard game

widow mine

Previously, I have mentioned that there was a subtle metagame shift in TvP opening in November-December 2014, whereby Terran opt for tech before additional Barracks early on. It has become the norm in the current metagame. This post discusses the most standard Widow Mine drop opening in TvP.

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TvZ 14CC into early third CC with a twist of Taeja


INnoVation was destroying every Zerg in 2013 with Command Centre first into an early third, but it has gone out of style in recent months. Taeja has added his own flavor in this classic TvZ build.

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TvZ: 7:00 Hellbat timing


Welcome to another Hellbat article for TvZ. I have said all there is to say about the last patch and Hellbat builds in a previous post, so I won’t go into that. This post is about the recent early Hellbat timing.

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GSL free viewership quality


The GSL Code S Group B games were broadcast today. Non-subscribers of the GSL Twitch channel could only view the live stream at low quality. This is a problem.

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TvP metagame shift in November-December 2014

widow mine

Merry Christmas! I’ve been travelling around, so the update is slow.

There is a metagame shift in the TvP match up recently. Terran is changing its opening and its early game plan.

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