Defend against proxy Oracle


Let’s face it. Every Terran has lost to a proxy Oracle build before, and that includes the professional players. Many have asked me about how to response to a proxy Oracle, so here it is.

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ACL Sydney 2015


This is an eventful weekend for Starcraft around the world with both GSL and WCS Season 2 coming to an end. Australia is also having its own big Starcraft event: ACL Sydney.

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TvP: Widow Mine drop standard game (Part 3)

widow mine

While the Widow Mine drop build has been the standard opening for the past few months, there have been some changes to how both Terran and Protoss play. This post is an update of the current Widow Mine drop metagame.

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Why I don’t subscribe to GSL


I don’t subscribe to GSL now, but I used to do so in the past. Here is why.

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Reaper expand for all match ups

reaper There is much truth in “you can’t go wrong with a Reaper expand”, but there is more depth to a Reaper expand than many think. This post is about the variations of Reaper expand in all three match ups. Read the rest of this entry


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