TY’s mid game TvP

TYPhoto is taken from dailygame

Unlike the common TvP mid game approaches I have discussed, TY’s style is very unique.

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Legacy of the Void for TerranCraft


Legacy of the Void is less than two months away, so I just want to discuss about what I plan to do with TerranCraft.

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Basic TvZ scouting and key timing


I have written about scouting in TvZ more than two years ago, and this is an update on it.

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TvT: Defensive 13 gas


INnoVation has been opting for a 13 gas opening in his recent TvT games, and it has garnered some attention for the right reasons. This post is to discuss the train of thoughts behind this build, and how this works in comparison to gas first openings.

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TvP: Early third Command Centre

commandcentreDue to popular demand, I will discuss about early third Command Centre in TvP. This build is getting more and more common recently.

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